Saturday, November 03, 2012

Collie Triathlon in CT

In addition to getting her CD in 3 back to back shows over the course of only 2 days with 3-1sts and 2 HITs, Tara also managed to get 3 RAE legs (bringing our count to 5) with 5-1sts (including 1 perfect 100 in Advanced B this afternoon!), 2 rally high combined in trial, 1 high rally score and 1-2nd.

She is now: ARCH Tamarack's Autumn Rain CD, RE, RL3, CRO-1, CL-2, CGC

Her CD scores were 194, 196, and 193.5. Her Rally Excellent scores were: 99, 95, 98. Her Rally Advanced scores were: 99, 98, 100.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

NADAC Agility 7/28/12

Tara was excellent at our agility trial today.  It was our first trial in approximately 5 months.  Our 2nd attempt at NADAC agility.  Our first attempt at NADAC agility resulted in 2/6 qualifying runs -- today's attempt was 4/5 q's.  We did so much better!

First up was regular, which I was dreading, since we seem to have worse luck at standard style courses. I was also worried about her missing her stopped contacts, since that was an issue that last time we trialed as well.  Today she hit all of her stopped contacts, every single one without any problem -- Good girl!

Regular Time was 42.04/50.91sec, 3.33YPS with a 1st place

Chances we nqed because she crossed the gamble line -- it was still a very nice run, she did everything I asked of her, she only crossed the line because I wasn't clear enough in my communications. 

Touch N' Go was 40.66/46.15sec, 3.69yps with a1st place - beautiful run

Weavers was 40.86/48.33sec, 3.55yps with having to correct 2 sets of weave poles -- still a nice run and 2nd place

Tunnelers was 31.40/37.75sec, 4.81yps with a first place

Way to go Tara!  I didn't get any video today which was a bummer, but I cared more about how today felt than looked, and it felt great.  We were exhausted, so we didn't stick around to finish out the day with our jumpers run. Next time.

So now Tara has 2/3 legs in Novice Weavers and Tunnelers, and 1/3 legs in Novice Regular and Touch N'Go. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tara freestyle and frisbee

Tara loves working on freestyle!
Tara frisbee play session after freestyle class

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tara's first level 3 jackpot

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Tara nosework week 3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tara CPE agility jumpers level 2 1/15/12

Tara agility CPE Snooker Level 2 1/15/12

Tara CPE agility level 2 Standard 1/15/12

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Tara Tunnelers Novice NADAC 1/1/12

Tara's first novice tunnelers run -- we qualified!
Tara Tunnelers Novice NADAC 1/1/12 from Jennifer McKay on Vimeo.

Tara NADAC Weavers Novice 1/1/12

Tara's first weavers Q!
Tara NADAC Weavers Novice 1/1/12 from Jennifer McKay on Vimeo.